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How I Work


Ellen has been amazing with my daughter. In the time that they have been working together we have noticed an incredible improvement. All the previous worries we had about her starting kindergarten are gone.


Ellen is kind and caring and wonderful with children. My daughter loves her and looks forward to every time she gets to see her. 

 - Martina

"n the span of three months with Ellen, my three year-old has gone from communicating with a few words and grunts to a large vocabulary with full sentences. She is so warm and really builds trust with children.


My son eagerly looks forward to seeing her on their days together. The results of their work directly translate to his building confidence and happiness as a social preschooler

 - Halee

I approach therapy with a holistic mindset, integrating art, music, literacy, and play. I've found this really helps people feel passionate, build confidence and have an easier time communicating.

Therapy need not be restricted to structured work at a table. My experience is that the greatest progress is made while creating a mural, crafting a new song, or making food for the baby doll with playdoh. I integrate all modalities with a joyful spirit to make our therapy sessions effective and fun.


My intention is to help ease each client's frustration from relying on gestures and  nonverbal communication to a more fluid and meaningful voice.  


Raising the family's awareness of the possibility of change and then using a team approach is at the heart of successful therapy.

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