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"Ellen was the perfect speech therapist for our daughter, Hazel. From our very first session, it was clear that Ellen was committed to addressing Hazel's speech challenges in a way that was playful, encouraging, and intuitive.


Whenever Hazel's confidence began to wane or her progress began to slow, Ellen took remarkable care to help Hazel regain her sense of achievement and security. Their time together was filled with fun: they journaled, sculpted, drew, and painted. It was an absolute pleasure having Ellen in our home."

How I Work

I approach therapy with a holistic mindset, integrating art, music, literacy, and play. I've found this really helps people feel passionate, build confidence and have an easier time communicating.

Therapy need not be restricted to structured work at a table. My experience is that the greatest progress is made while creating a mural, crafting a new song, or making food for the baby doll with playdoh. I integrate all modalities with a joyful spirit to make our therapy sessions effective and fun.


My intention is to help ease each client's frustration from needing gestures and using more nonverbal communication to a more fluid and meaningful one.  Raising the family's awareness of the possibility of change and then using a team approach is at the heart of successful therapy.

"I like working with Ellen because she understands how my occupational therapy complements her speech, language and communication work with children.


Each time I co-treat with Ellen, I discover new insights about the child's function which helps all of us (therapists and client) in the therapeutic process. While being an independent practitioner, I really feel like I am on a team when I collaborate with Ellen."

Lauri Weinstein, OTR/L

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