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Working with Children

  • Do you have questions about your child's fluency or stuttering?

  • Are you concerned that your child's language is delayed?

  • Are they difficult to understand?

For over 35 years, I've worked with young children as a Speech Therapist, using the Arts and Play as the medium for ease and comfort in developing communication skills.


My love of people, appreciation for a child's self esteem, and background in Fine Arts and Counseling, led me to do what I love most - to connect with a child's desire to communicate. 

"Ellen has been phenomenonal with our four year old, and our family in general.  Her gentle nature and whole child/family approach has worked so well with our daughter and it has been incredible to see the strong bond and relationship develop between the two. 

Within only a year so many people have commented on how much clearer our child speaks and it has been wonderful to watch her speak up and assert herself . We have been so grateful for Ellen’s “out of the box” approach and ability to connect with and love our child made the process of speech therapy much more comfortable for our entire family."

Working with Ellen has been a blessing! Her insights and suggestions have been key to helping our twins move from a language deficit to flourishing.


It has helped to remove frustrations as they are now able to communicate their needs versus grunting and pointing then meltdowns when we could not translate their needs. And it was truly emotional to see how much our twins loved Ellen, she has a very special way with connecting to kids and building trust.


We would do it all over again, without question! 

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