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About Ellen

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I am a  Board Certified Speech and Language Pathologist, specializing in children from birth through early elementary. In addition, I have had the pleasure of helping adolescents and adults with a range of communication issues.


My experience working with over 1,000 children spans more than three decades as a Speech Therapist, Consultant, Graduate Student Supervisor, and leader in the field of Speech and Language Development from birth through school age.

I'm profoundly honored to have received many kind words from client families, colleagues, and budding professionals I have trained...

"In our universe of therapists, Ellen stands alone in that she was extremely effective in demonstrating progress against goals, while also providing support and communicating with me.

Ellen is a sensitive, creative, flexible, seasoned and invested speech-language therapist, who gives her client and her client's family the sense that there will be progress - that the future holds promise.

If only all therapists were as understanding and supportive as Ellen, parents of children with communication needs would feel as though their child would eventually be just fine. Thanks to Ellen's belief in and work with our son, he has exceeded our expectations and is thriving."

As the parent of a little girl who has faced a number of developmental challenges, it is my highest priority to engage early childhood educators and specialists in my quest to provide my daughter with support and a community in which she can thrive. When I met Ellen, I knew her impact would be profound. She emanates love and knowledge.


Ellen meets my daughter weekly in the comfortable setting of her preschool and has been an invaluable gift to our family. She has formed an undeniable connection with my child, and her language, vocabulary, and communication skills have simply blossomed. I, too, feel heard, supported, and empowered by our experience, which has been nothing short of vibrant and transformative.

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