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Adolescents and Adults

I provide treatment for concerns in the following areas:

  •  Executive Functioning

  •  Aphasia/Stroke

  •  Accent Modification

  •  Pragmatic/Social Language Challenges

  •  Functional Communication Concerns

Many practices are structured around a hospital-associated rehabilitation model. My practice provides flexible and intensive therapy that simulates real-life challenges as much as possible.


As a fellow speech/language pathologist and colleague of Ellen’s for almost 40 years, I have watched with admiration to see her use a solid base of professional knowledge, fresh eyes and an intuitive spirit with clients from young children to the elderly.

More than anyone I have ever known in our field, Ellen specializes in working outside-the-box.   Helaine was a successful academician whose professional life was shattered by a stroke that left her with significant speech and language deficits.  After months of working with Ellen, Helaine was able to publish her doctoral dissertation, act in a play, and widen her social circle, becoming an active member of a new book group. Helaine was a gift to many; Ellen was a gift to Helaine.

-Kathryn Crawley, M.S., CCC, Speech and Language Pathologist

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