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As a director, staff, or parent, do you have a child that you are concerned about?  Are your teachers confused about how to help a child who isn’t engaging in play? 


Language is the corner stone for children’s successful development and engagement in the preschool classroom, yet educators and parents are often uncertain when they should be concerned.

Ellen Miller offers a variety of “in house” consulting services to preschools, daycares, and other therapeutic settings. She brings 35 years of clinical experience facilitating children’s speech and language development.  Ellen’s workshops can help directors, staff, and parents sort out when they should be concerned, and how they can best support the children they care about.

"Ellen has integrated our family into the lessons and practice and taught us how to better support our daughter's growth in fun and engaging ways".

"I’ve been collaborating with Ellen for years. But awhile ago she started working with several Agassiz kids, in the classroom and in my office.


And so I observe the magic.


She is straightforward, creative and loving. The two kids she is working with are flying. We have all noticed the rapid growth of the kids’ language and confidence.  She’s a great additional energy in the school and it feels like a great collaboration between the families, Ellen and the school. "

Tracey Kaplan
Director, Agassiz Preschool

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