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I am acutely aware of the confusion, heartache and concern that young families are experiencing in this time of social isolation for children and families. Our lives are turned upside down. We miss the comfort of friends and family and familiar routines. Many parents are struggling in the role of home schooling teacher, and children desperately miss their friends. 


I have shifted my in-person practice to primarily virtual/online sessions, with the addition of beautiful, in-person distanced sessions in nature - scavenger hunts and using the natural elements to expand language and practice sounds, as well as explore feelings that may come up about missing friends, grandparents, and teachers.

Ellen distance session 2.jpg

I have expanded my colorful and creative toolbox to make video sessions more exciting and fruitful, for stimulation, practice and overall communication enhancement. I have endless resources that I have created and implemented over the four decades of my life's work and passion.


I will continue to bring my consulting brain and heart to caregivers, teachers, and family members in an effort to educate the adults and help support them in their efforts to be the “ teaching force” that they naturally are each day.  My goal continues to be supporting an overwhelmed parent, giving ideas for family dynamics and creative solutions to home-based learning and therapy. 

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